This is the technical documentation of the ScienceMesh infrastructure. It describes how to join the infrastructure and how it operates, as well as how the infrastructure is organised.

To get basic ideas about how the Science Mesh operates, we recommend you to start reading the Overview, and it may also help your understanding to at least skim through the Architecture.

If you are a site adminstrator wishing to join the Science Mesh infrastructure, and you have basic understanding of the architecture of the federation, follow the How to join Science Mesh guide–the main checklist of steps necessary to join the infrastructure that will guide you through the configuration and direct you to particular technical howtos.

If you are a user of a site, this documentation is not for you. When seeking help, contact your standard helpdesk who will be able to give you assistance with using the Science Mesh as well.

If you find an error or you want to contribute to the documentation go to Contribution Guidelines.

If unsure where to go next, read the Overview.


Science Mesh in a Nutshell

Architecture and Implementation

Overall architecture of the Science Mesh and how those components are implemented

How to join Science Mesh

The steps to join the Science Mesh

Technical Documentation

This section describes technical components that need to be configured to join the Science Mesh

Science Mesh Governance and Operations

This section explains governance structure and principles of operation of the Science Mesh as an infrastructure.


A short description of Science Mesh support

Science Mesh Operators

Documentation for Science Mesh Operators

Documentation Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to the docs

Obsolete documentation

This section contains out-of-date documentation to be ignored by the general public