GOCDB Details

Information about the information stored in the GOCDB.

This document contains details about the pecularities of managing sites and services of the Science Mesh.


  • Site ID: By default, the site ID is the same as the short site name. Since this ID needs to be stable, the value can be overriden via the SITE_ID property if the short site name is changed.
  • Organization name: By default, the full name of the site will be used as the organization name; this can be overriden by adding an ORGANIZATION property to the site.

The REVAD Service

Every site needs to provide an instance of the REVAD service. This acts as the main IOP entrypoint and also provides various other critical endpoints. The service URL needs to point to the main URL the IOP can be accessed under (e.g., https://sciencemesh.uni-muenster.de/iop); it may not contain any port number. Monitoring needs to always be enabled for this service type.

To properly configure the REVAD service, additional endpoints and properties must be provided, as shown below.

Additional endpoints

The REVAD service exposes various additional endpoints that also must be configured properly. Each such endpoint consists of its relative (e.g., iop/metrics) or absolute (e.g., https://iop.uni-muenster.de/metrics) URL, its name (which must match its type), as well as its interface name, which is interpreted as its type (this means that the endpoint and interface names are identical).

NameDescriptionURL (common value)InterfaceMonitored?
GATEWAYMain gRPC endpoint; note that the protocol (grpc://) and the gRPC port must always be specifiedgrpc://<host>:<port>GATEWAYYes
METRICSPrometheus metrics endpointmetricsMETRICSYes
OCMOpenCloudMesh endpointocmOCMNo
WEBDAVWebdav endpointremote.php/webdavWEBDAVNo

Only the URLs of the endpoints may differ from above common values; all endpoints need to be added, and their names, interfaces and monitoring need to exactly match what is listed above.

Optional endpoints

There are also a few optional endpoints that you might need to add depending on your deployment. If in doubt, simply do not add them.

NameDescriptionURL (common value)InterfaceMonitored?
MESHDIRMesh directory endpointmeshdirMESHDIRYes

Additional properties

  • API version: The current API version of the service needs to be specified via the API_VERSION property. Note that this property might be removed in future iterations.

Last modified March 1, 2022: Update database docs (a815926)