Inter-Operability Platform/Reva

Inter-Operability Platform/Reva

What is the IOP?

The Inter-Operability Platform (IOP) is a service providing a unified standard interface handling communication of the Site’s Sync’n’share system with the rest of the Science Mesh. It provides services such as establishing data shares among users (where it handles requests from and to the Science Mesh and translates them into the Site’s sync’n’share system itself).

Reva is a reference implementation of the IOP. Strictly speaking, you don’t need Reva if your sync’n’share system supports Science Mesh protocols out of the box. In practice, you need Reva. We sometimes use terms Reva and IOP interchangeably.

How to deploy Reva?

Deploying Reva is important step to setup ScienceMesh environment.

  1. Deploy Reva, supported way is to Kubernetes.
  2. Configure Reva
    • to define what services are necessary for ScienceMesh environment
    • to talk to your Site’s file sync’n’share service
  3. Set up accounting

Reva Deployment into Kubernetes

Deploy the Reva/IOP on your Kubernetes cluster.


How to configure Reva IOP to provide Science Mesh services

IOP/Reva integrations with Nextcloud and ownCloud10

Inter-Operability Platform/Reva Integrations with Nextcloud and ownCloud10

Optional IOP/Reva Integrations

Optional Inter-Operability Platform/Reva Integrations

Accounting Metrics

Exposing of Accounting Metrics